Install Kegberry

We’ve worked hard to make Kegberry painless to install. You can flash our pre-installed system image, or install on a working Raspbian system.

Option 1: Flash New Image

Download our customized Raspbian image, install it to an new SD card as usual, and navigate to your Pi in your web browser. Kegberry is running and ready to go.

Option 2: Install Within Raspbian

Run our simple install script on your Raspbian system:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

The installer is fully automatic, and should take about 10-15 minutes to complete depending on your connection speed. Once finished, your system will be online at http://your-ip/

Problems? We recommend starting with a fresh image.

Next Steps

Once your system is installed, the Kegbot Server will be running on http://your-ip. Navigate this page to complete the setup wizard and access the admin console.

Adding Flow Monitoring

Adding keg level and flow monitoring to your Kegberry system is easy, and requires some extra hardware.

What You Need

To monitor your kegs and taps, the fastest and easiest option is to grab a Single Tap Kegbot Kit, which includes all the hardware to monitor a single tap. (It also directly helps support the project.)

You can get the kit from The Kegbot Store, or on Amazon:

If you’re technically savvy or just want more of an adventure, you can also roll your own board using an Arduino; just flash the Kegboard firmware and add any meter you like.

(We’ll soon support monitoring via the Pi GPIO, too; follow GitHub issue #6 for progress, and see the FAQ for more recommendations.)

Installing the Kits

First, follow the Kegbot Getting Started Guide to connect your flow meters to your beer lines.

Next, connect the controller board(s) to the Raspberry Pi via USB. Within a few seconds, you should see a new Controller listed in the Kegbot Admin console.

Linking Controllers to Taps

Once you have added a controller, you must tell the system which tap it is connected to.

In the web interface, select Admin -> Taps and click on a tap to edit. In the Flow Meter section, select kegboard-01234567.flow0, substituting 01234567 for the last 8 digits of your controller’s serial number, which you should see in the list.